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Recreation Parks & Structures
Westerly Extension - Northbank Riverwalk, Jacksonville, Florida

Structural Components
  • 4-story, cork screw ramp with 160 feet pedestrian bridge over existing rail road bridge, precast walkway ramp
  • Concrete frame, steel truss, precast slabs
  • Mini-piles, concrete grade beams & pile caps
Design Team Details
Architect Akel, Logan & Shafer, P.A.
Structural Engineers Suresh Patel & Associates, Inc.
Total Area 1.2 Mile Elevated Riverwalk Extension
New Construction $ 7.0 million (2001)
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Hanna Park improvement with cross over, Jacksonville, Florida

Structural Components
  • Timber pedestrian bridge over sand dunes
  • Masonry bearing walls, timber trusses
  • Timber piles & spread footings
Design Team Details
Structural Engineers Suresh Patel & Associates, Inc.
Total Area 250 Ft. Pedestrian Bridge, Rest Room Facilities-1, 000 S.F.
New Construction $ 400,000 (1985)
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Similar Projects Executed
St. Augustine Beach Pier Pavilion 4,000 $ 250,000
Various Recreational Parks, Citywide NA $ 450,000
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