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Industrial Structures
Quality Foods Plant, McGee, Mississippi

Structural Components
  • Food Processing Plant With Sub-Zero Freezers & Coolers With Warehouse Space Including Shipping & Loading Docks
  • Steel Frame Structure
  • Spread Footings
Design Team Details
Structural Engineers Suresh R. Patel, P.E.
Total Area 40,000 S.F.
New Construction $ 3 million (1995)
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Locomotive Refueling Facility, Jacksonville, Florida

Structural Components
  • Pre-Engineered Steel Frame With Facility To Service 8-(Eight) Locomotives While Refueling, Pipe Racks, Tanks, Maintenance Office, Silos
  • Steel Frame And Overhead Crane
  • Spread Footings
Locomotive Refueling Facility, Jacksonville, Florida
Architects Dana B. Kenyon Co., Jacksonville, Florida
Design Team Details
Structural Engineers Suresh Patel /Jenkins & Charland, Inc.
Total Area 20,000 S.F.
New Construction $ 5 million (Design Build) (2000)
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Similar Projects Executed
Anheuser Busch Brewery Expansion, Jacksonville, Florida 25,000 $ 3.5 Million
Maple Hurst Bakery, Nebraska 15,000 $ 2.5 Million
Vehicle Maintenance Shop, Camp Blanding, Florida 6,000 $ 1.2 Million
Nestlé Food Processing Plant, Jonesboro, Arkansas 350,000 $ 60 Million
NMS Warehouse, Jacksonville, Florida 500,000 $ 15 Million
South Dakota Turkey Processing Plant 350,000 $ 15 Million
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