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Know About Suresh Patel/Jenkins & Charland Inc.
In January 2001, the consulting Structural Engineering firm of Suresh Patel / Jenkins & Charland, Inc. was established in Jacksonville, Florida and became associated with TRC Worldwide Engineering Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee. The firm was initially formed in Jacksonville under the name 'Suresh R. Patel, P.E. Consulting Engineer' in November 1973 and three years later was incorporated under the name of 'Suresh Patel & Associates, Inc., Consulting Engineers'.

Suresh Patel / Jenkins & Charland, Inc. provides complete structural engineering services based on thorough investigations, analysis, design considerations and functional requirements. With a team of highly qualified engineers and technical personnel with design capabilities and computer aided drafting, the firm has maintained close working relationships with a number of architectural firms, design-build companies and developers. In addition, the firm has a Special Inspector on staff and provides Threshold Inspections as mandated by State of Florida Statutes.

With offices in Northeast Florida, the firm has successfully completed a variety of engineering projects in the area as well as throughout the United States and in a number of foreign countries.

Suresh R. Patel - PresidentSuresh R. Patel, P.E. was established in 1973, and was incorporated in 1976 under the name of Suresh Patel & associates, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. Right from its inception, the firm has made commitment to provide effective and sustainable solutions to meet variety of client's needs. We have always emphasized the client's budgetary and scheduling requirements, and we thrive to attain that by teamwork and professional expertise. Majority of our clients are repeat clients and have enjoyed long term working relationships.

In January 2001, the firm became affiliated with TRC Worldwide Engineering Inc., a structural and transportation engineering firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, and its subsidiary Jenkins & Charland Inc. of Fort. Lauderdale, Florida. The firm name was changed to Suresh Patel/ Jenkins & Charland, Inc.

Service, Innovation and Quality - principles that set the entire engineering team apart from other firms.

Over past 30 years with this firm, I am thankful for the continued support of our clients and our employees who provide quality engineering service, proud of the success of our projects and looking forward to the challenging future of the industry.

Suresh R. Patel, P.E. - President

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